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Monugram is "Shazam" of monuments! A mobile app that, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, recognizes and describes any monument or place of interest and offers the best related tours and activities options.


Monugram also allows you to easily track and manage any trip through a simple and intuitive "travel management" to consult transportation, accommodation and travel activity bookings.


Everything happens in a simple and quick way:


- Take a picture of a monument or place of interest

- Monument is recognized by returning information and a ranking of personalized travel activities related to the place of interest


With Monugram app no place will have any secrets anymore!


Monugram is "Shazam" of monuments. A mobile app capable of revolutionizing experiential and instantaneous tourism through the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.


Monugram recognizes and describes any monument or place of interest by simply taking a photo of it and proposing the best related tours and activities options and available at that time and in that context.


The solution stems from the team's transversal skills, composed of Artificial Intelligence specialists and profound connoisseurs of the travel market. This allowed Monugram to create a technologically advanced product and to solve a market problem.


Monugram is in fact the only tool able to give each individual user an extreme personalization of the travel contents, passing through the engagement and the speed of use of the information.


The tours and activities offered by Monugram are in fact extremely personalized for each individual user based on age, interests and much more, thus offering the right solution at the right time. And this turns out to be a considerable advantage also for those who create and supply these activities, as Monugram ensures that they convert every potential customer at the right time with the right product.



An analysis of the experiential tourism market has in fact highlighted how the new protagonists of the sector are individuals and small creators of tourism experiences who, like small and medium-sized companies, do not fully exploit the potential of technology. Monugram allows them to create and sell any travel activity and experience within the app. For the creators of experiences, a flexible and intuitive dashboard is available with which they can enter and create activities, allowing to monitor metrics, analytics and manage payments.