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Tourism Ireland: more than 1 million euros for email marketing

In an increasingly dynamic world, even the tourism sector is updated with the use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Tourists book online their holidays and find the best tips for tourist activities. The Email marketing is also an important resource to promote tourism and raise awareness of new destinations.

The Irish government, believing in email marketing, decided to invest one million euros to promote tourism on the island through the agency Tourism Ireland. Let's get to know this story!

What is Tourism Ireland?

Tourism Ireland is the agency that promotes tourism in Ireland, has numerous offices in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and South America. Ireland had more than 8 million visitors in 2015, continuing to grow each year.

However, 40% of the tourists who visit Ireland come from the nearby United Kingdom and for this reason Tourism Ireland decided to invest many of its resources to make Ireland known in the world as a tourist destination.

Tourism Ireland believes in new technologies and decided to invest in email marketing using more than 1 billion contacts it has collected over the years. The sending and creation of such a high number of emails was very difficult since the beginning for the employees of the agency and so Tourism Ireland decided to invest more than 1 million euros in the creation of an artificial intelligence that could perform this task.

Email marketing and Artificial Intelligence for Irish tourism

In 2019, the Irish government decided to allocate more than €1 million to an artificial intelligence that would email the Irish Tourist Board in order to promote Ireland as a travel destination.

The use of artificial intelligence to write these personalised emails - which will suggest to each user the best destination to visit in Ireland - will take a lot of work away from Tourism Ireland employees, who will then be able to carry out other useful activities. The A.I. will also be able to process the preferences of each user by identifying the best time to send the email, increasing the effectiveness of each communication.

Artificial Intelligence will have machine learning technology that also understands which style the email should have to be opened. These emails will be sent directly by the Irish Tourist Board to all potentially interested contacts potentially interested in staying on the island.

One of the agency's spokespersons points out that this A.I. based email marketing service will not be used for enquiries, but for promoting Irish tourism and customer care will continue to be entrusted to the agency's specialised staff. This software should be operational by early 2020.

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