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The European Communities and tourism

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Among the economic sectors of interest to the European Communities there is also tourism: the European initiatives aimed at its development intend to create clearer legislation in partnership with other countries considered strategic for the growth of the sector. Let's find out how big the European Tourism market is and what its future developments will be.

The Tourism Market in Europe

In 2019, the European Parliament stated that there were a total of 2.3 million tourism businesses in the European Communities, employing 12.5 million people. In 2018, the tourism sector contributed 3.9% to the European GDP, employing more than 11 million Europeans. In 2017, 671 million tourists chose Europe as a tourist destination, or 51% of the market.

The European Communities has created many initiatives to stimulate the tourism market, recognising how this sector can create even more jobs and bring benefits with its growth to other sectors, such as the cultural heritage sector (cultural tourism).

Laws and Initiatives for the growth of Tourism

Among the various initiatives created to protect travellers and tourists there is Directive 2008/122/EC of 14 January 2009, which aims to protect consumers by making long-term holiday product and timeshare contracts clearer and more accessible. Another very important piece of legislation is the EU Directive 2015/2302, which provides greater consumer protection when purchasing package holidays. In 2018, the European Communities identified China as one of the fastest growing markets, capable of increasing tourism in Europe and worldwide.

This has led to a partnership between the European Communities and China with the aim of making Europe's lesser-known tourist destinations and the best travel experiences known to the world. Important economic cooperation has been established with China, with the creation of new air routes and the desire to make it easier to issue tourist visas.

Among the tourism initiatives wanted by the European Communities there is "Eden" (which since 2011 promotes worldwide knowledge of new emerging tourist destinations) and "Calypso" (which promotes travel for the elderly and young people sick and needy).

Monugram in the European Parliament

On the occasion of the EYE European Youth Event 2018 our CEO and founder Valerio Rossi presented for the first time the idea of creating an app capable of recognizing monuments using artificial intelligence. EYE members immediately liked the project and Monugram was born, the "Shazam" of monuments!

A mobile app that, by taking a picture, recognizes monuments and places of interest, helping tourists to find their way around the city they are visiting. Additionally, the artificial intelligence that Monugram uses allows to suggest to the user the best travel activities suitable for him. It is also thanks to the EYE and the European Communities that Monugram exists!

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