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Italian museums and skip-the-line tickets

As the name implies, skip-the-line tickets allow you to "skip the line" or avoid the long line you need to buy the ticket directly in the crowded museum ticket offices.

Now these tickets can also be purchased online and more and more museums are approaching this reality that allows you to control the tourist flows, relieving the long lines to access exhibitions and cultural events.

How much Italian museums collect?

Sole 24 Ore report the excellent results of 2018 for Italian state museums and archaeological sites, visited by over 55 million people with a + 5% compared to 2017.

Accomplices to this boom were the admissions due to the sale of paid tickets with 24,938,547 visitors in 2018 compared to 24,068,759 in 2017. The free entries (due in large part to the initiative now launched by a few years of free Sundays) have increased, from 26,100,557 in 2017 to 30,565,825 in 2018.

Overall, state museums generated gross receipts of more than 35 million euros in 2018. There are numerous causes of this growth, such as the increase in tourism in Italy and more generally the better organization of the individual museums that are increasingly digital and available to offer services to tourists.

Metrics of great museums

The first Italian state museum for number of visitors is the archaeological area of ​​the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum.

Only the Colosseum boasts a number of visitors that fluctuates daily from 11 thousand to 30 thousand tourists and together with the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill this huge archaeological park attracts more than 7 million visitors every year!

In second place as the most visited state museum is the Pompeii archaeological park which has grown from 3,383,415 visitors in 2017 to 3,646,585 visitors in 2018.

In the third place is Uffizi Gallery. It is interesting to observe the strong growth that this museum got under the guidance of the current director Eike Dieter Schmidt: before his entrance in 2015, the Uffizi Gallery recorded 1.8 million visits, reaching 2.2 million in 2017. Gross revenues from 2013 to 2017 increased from 9.3 million to 13.5 million euros.

As reported in an article by "Arte Magazine", the causes of this growth are due to the creation of tickets with seasonal tariffs and skip-the-line tickets, purchased online, which allow the museum to better regulate tourist flows, bringing tourists to visit the Uffizi Gallery in winter when it is less crowded.

What Monugram offers

The chance of booking online tickets to access museums is a reality that is increasingly present in Italy and involves especially the great museums, those for which this service is most useful. Booking a skip-the-line ticket allows you to avoid the line and save time.

With Monugram app it will be enough to take a photo of a place of interest so that it is recognized and it will be possible to buy the skip-the-ticket directly in the app.

Thanks to a very rich catalog, with Monugram you can discover and visit many other museums, monuments and tourist beauties. Why make long and endless rows to visit a museum? Monugram is the easiest way to access the places that interest you!

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