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Green Tourism: working in Biological Farms to Travel for Free

We tend to travel when we are not working, but today there is a new fashion that revolutionizes the world of tourism!

For lovers of ecotourism is spreading the fashion of being hired as volunteers on a farm to travel and visit the world in an ecological way and totally free. Pioneer in this type of travel is the organization WWOOF that brings together Biological farms and tourists.

Green Tourism and Sustainable Ecotourism, a growing trend:

What characterizes ecological tourism? Environmental protection, respect for the local culture and local economic development. According to a study promoted by Espresso Communication for ConLegno, the reasons that push Italians to take an eco-sustainable holiday are love for the environment (29%), the curiosity to learn about new cultural and food and wine traditions (23%), to be more in touch with nature (20%), to do physical activity outdoors (17%) and contribute to local development (13%).

Among the various forms of Green Tourism a very interesting one is the one dedicated to work experiences on the farm. Some sites offer paid farm work while others offer experiences designed for those who want to travel at low cost, especially during the summer holidays. So let's discover WWOOF, an avant-garde association for this type of travel.

Farms that offer hospitality to those who want to take a holiday ask the tourist to work: the traveler can pick fruits and vegetables or do more specialized work such as beekeeping or the use of herbs. You don't need to be already practical on arrival, but you need to be open to collaboration and ready to learn. It is a new way of doing economic and cheap tourism: some organic farms offer work for a few hours a day giving food and lodging to all those people who want to travel and experience rural life.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

WWOOF was born in 1971 from the organization World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms that deals with connecting travelers with biological farmers all over the world to promote cultural experiences helping to build a sustainable and global community.

Those who work in these farms will live alongside the farmer, helping him in his daily activities and living the life of a farmer. The farmer makes his farm available to tourists from his home country or abroad to encourage Green Tourism.

To make a WWOOF trip you must first choose the country of destination, then you must join the WWOOF association of the country you want to visit, then the organization of the country where you are registered will connect travelers with the hosts who will host them in their farms. WWOOF does not assume any responsibility for obtaining a visa and any residence permit required for the trip as well as for transport costs.

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