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Family Tourism and Cultural Tourism

Family holidays are an increasingly popular type of travel. It is not only important to understand the numbers and growth of this market, but also the way in which it is changing. So let's analyze the data from the recent analysis of Global Data and Pettitis Travel.

A growing market

According to Global Data, family holidays are a growing market: in 2017, 300 million family trips were made and in 2022 they are expected to reach 376 million. The report also found that in 2018 each family spent an average of $1000 to $5000 on travel.

But an even more interesting fact is that emerged from a study in 2018 by Pettitis Travel that analyzed the main characteristics that must have the location preferred by families:

- Solarity (the average of sunny days in a year)

- Travel safety

- Economical price

- Natural beauties such as landscapes and beaches

- Relaxation

- Possibility of hiking and cultural visits

Europe is the continent most affected by family tourism and Italy is the most visited country followed by France and the United Kingdom. Factors influencing the choice of accommodation include value for money (69%), followed by free wifi (58%), children's entertainment (57%) and proximity to tourist attractions (56%).

Cultural Tourism / Family Tourism

The 2018 study by Pettitis Travel also showed how the family changes its interests during the trip, moving from the traditional combination of sun and beach to the desire for adventure and experiences to be shared among all members of the family.

In addition to saving money and safety, families are looking for specific activities and services for children: among these services there are also cultural itineraries in cities of art. Art cities and cultural destinations can also position themselves on family tourism, provided that museums and historical centres are able to capture the attention of children and even parents.

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