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Experiential Tourism becomes digital

As shown by Expedia and Booking, this 2019 also confirms the recent trend that sees a boom in experiential tourism, but what is it? This new travel section offers the traveler activities that are never trivial, special, often far from the usual tourist routes. The use of digital tools such as Big Data applied to travel allows the players of the sector to intercept the tastes of each individual user in order to direct them towards the most suitable activity.

The travel experience wants to introduce the territory in a new and authentic way and what better way than to know the typical products of the area? This is how food and wine tours are born, or the most recent cooking lessons in which local chefs teach how to cook local specialties with typical products. Even the cultural tours are no longer limited to making known the most famous monuments of the place, but they want to offer tourists the chance to learn about hidden corners of the city.

See the "immaterial" landscape

Each territory has a material landscape, which we can all see (woods, mountains, lakes, hills ...) and an immaterial, more fascinating and at the same time fleeting one. Today's tourist wants to capture this last aspect of tourism on his journey, which consists in living and learning about the culture, customs and traditions of the place. The birth of these initiatives is only possible through the dialogue between local activities, accommodation facilities and tourists who can find the most effective and instant ally in digital tools.

Wine and Food Tours

The journey can be an experience that also passes through the meal table. With the food and wine tours it is possible to taste, perhaps on farms and farmhouses, wines and other characteristic traditional products, such as the cheese of a mountain hut and the catch of the day served in a fanciful and fun way.

Cooking Lessons

After tasting the typical products of a territory, the tourist is today interested in knowing the recipes with which these dishes are prepared. Specifically, for this requirement the cooking lesson was born in which a chef teaches the interested traveler the recipes, the way of processing the raw material, the tools and, why not, also the tricks with which the tourist can try to replicate the dish. once back home.

Cultural Tours

For some tourists the choice to book a trip or a single activity can be linked to cultural needs, such as a temporary exhibition or a theater or film festival. But the special event may also be the opening to the public of an archaeological site or a guided visit to a place of cultural interest not normally foreseen by the usual itineraries. For these latter events, the knowledge of tourist flows is fundamental to create a synergy between cultural realities and the new interests of the user.

Sports Activities

Activities such as trekking, skiing, snorkeling or more generally outdoor sports can be interesting opportunities for aggregation and dialogue with the territory. To meet these needs, both physical well-being and curiosity to explore the territory, specific sports experiences and activities are created for the user. Sports tourism represents an increasingly growing “niche” and deserves great attention from the tourism that wants to project towards the future.

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