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Big Data, an immense amount of information that we all leave on the web, are today the opportunity to create a new tourist offer. The use of these data allows us to know and predict the user's choices as well as to offer the client customized and unique activities.

In a field that is growing strongly all over the world, such as tourism, even in Italy, in order to be more and more competitive, the interest in innovating its tourism offer increases by operators in the sector. To create new quality tourism, an increasingly accurate and instantaneous knowledge of the tourist, his travels and his choices is necessary. To understand the dynamics of the traveler, all the information that in an ever greater and instantaneous measure leaves the user in the network comes into play, and that becomes part of the data referred to today with the term Big Data.

Instant Tourism

Daily life is increasingly characterized by interaction with digital tools that, connected to the internet, provide us with more and more information. The use of smartphones does not stop during the holiday; on the contrary, more and more often our phone or PC becomes the tools by which we look for a hotel, an attraction or an experience.

Knowledge of this information by tourism industry players, such as airlines, accommodation facilities and tour operators, is becoming increasingly useful for proposing activities or improving an offer based on the needs and requirements of each individual user.

Among the information attributable to Big Data we find the geo-location (GPS): a valid and immediate tool for knowing the tourist flows and allowing to guide the traveler towards less known and particular destinations. The use of the position therefore allows to offer services on site, while traveling, increasing the quality of the experience.


For today's tourist, travel is no longer just a chance to rest: it becomes an opportunity to have unique experiences, to know and fully appreciate the uniqueness of the place he is visiting. The use of Big Data allows not only to get to know the traveler, but also to give the possibility to the various local realities to enter the tourism sector by proposing activities such as:

  1.   Cultural tours

  2. Food and wine tours

  3. Sports trips

  4. Cooking lessons

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