Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the frequently asked questions by our users

How does Monugram work?

Monugram is a platform that allows you to create your personalized trip. Simply follow the guided creation process of your travel package to generate a request. Once this step is completed your request will be visible to our affiliated tour operators on the basis of which they will generate travel proposals. It's up to you to choose the one you prefer!

How many requests can I create?

Puoi generare tutte le richieste di viaggio che vuoi. Non ci sono limiti alle tue fantasie e ai tuoi sogni 🙂

How many quotes can I receive?

You can receive up to 10 quotes for each travel request.

How many quotes can I accept?

You can only accept 1 quote per request. In the event that you express interest in a quote and subsequently you receive a better one, you can express interest in the latter and the interest expressed for the first quote will automatically lapse.

What happens if I express interest in a quote?

When you express interest in a quote, you are under no obligation to proceed with the purchase of the trip in question. The expression of interest has the sole purpose of filtering the quotes that interest you from those that you want to discard.

How does the purchase of a trip materialize?

Once you have expressed interest in a quote and reached the maximum threshold of 10 quotes received, you can be contacted by the operator who made the proposal. At that point you can refine your request, add services or simply proceed with the actual purchase of the trip as it was estimated by the operator.

Here you can find some of the frequently asked questions from our operators

How can I join Monugram?

To join Monugram as an operator you must be an authorized tour operator, alternatively, if you are a travel agent, you just need a VAT number.

How does Monugram work for operators?

For operators, Monugram is a Saas (Software as a service) with which to receive personalized travel requests from our users. Through the business platform it is possible to view all travel requests and decide which to work. Once you have found a request you want to work, just formulate a quote in 5 minutes through our guided process.

How many requests can I receive?

Non c’è un limite alle richieste che puoi ricevere. Sta a te scegliere quelle su cui generare un preventivo 🙂

How many quotes can I send?

You can generate all the quotes you want but for each request you can formulate a single quote.

What happens if a user expresses interest in my quote?

If a user expresses interest in your quote, his contacts will be made clear and you can contact him privately.

How does the purchase materialize?

When you contact the user following his expression of interest for your quote, you can refine your proposal in case of further requests, add services or simply proceed to the actual sale of the trip as originally planned. The purchase takes place through your channels and is fully managed by you.