If you have arrived on this page you definitely need to sell your tourist activities online or tours of your city to get more sales and increase your revenue. The tourism industry is one of the most profitable in the world. So whether you are an experience creator or a tour operator who has decided to start selling online as an added sales channel you are in the right place. Monugram is a mobile app that can recognize any monument in the world through a photo, which is why it is used by millions of tourists. Immediately after the recognition of a monument are proposed to tourists your activities and tours and you're done. With us, all you need to do is create your own activities and we'll sell them on our app. Start selling with Monugram and take advantage now and start selling with us.

​Se sei arrivato su questa pagina sicuramente hai bisogno di vendere le tue attività turistiche online oppure i tour della tua città per ottenere più vendite e aumentare i tuoi incassi. Il settore turistico è uno sei più proficui al mondo. Quindi che tu sia un creatore di esperienze oppure un tour operator che ha deciso di intraprendere la vendita online come canale aggiunto di vendita sei nel posto giusto. Monugram è una mobile app in grado di riconoscere qualsiasi monumento del mondo attraverso una foto, per questo è usata da milioni di turisti. Subito dopo il riconoscimento di un monumento vengono proposte ai turisti le tue attività e i tuoi tour e il gioco è fatto. Con noi ti basterà creare le tue attività e ci pensiamo noi a vendere sulla nostra applicazione. Inizia a vendere con Monugram e approfitta ora e inizia a vendere con noi.

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You are definitely looking for a solution to sell tourist activities such as the entrance to an attraction or museum, guided tours of the city and local experts who can enrich a tourist destination experience.


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Monugram: The new travel app! Unlimited tours and tourist activities through the fun "shazam" of monuments!

As tourists, you often see curious places without knowing what they are. With Monugram this will no longer be a problem!

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Visiting museums, statues, squares or looking for breathtaking activities and experiences? Monugram was born, the first app that recognizes monuments with the camera and offers the best tourist activities!

The first app that makes travelers speed through lines and recognizes monuments with their smartphone... simply Monugram!


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